About Us

About Us

Hello, my name is Fintan Fawsitt and I am the owner and director of treeworks.ie.
I have over 17 years of experience in the areas of forest management, arboriculture and tree surgery. We have offices in Blackrock and Walkinstown that can cover the demand for quality tree services across county Dublin, Dublin city and the surrounding counties. We are also insured with Insight Insurance, which covers employers liability, public liability, pollution liability and professional indemnity. We are fully tax compliant and can produce a tax clearance certificate on request.

All our staff are highly trained and qualified to meet the demand for jobs of any size. We pride ourselves on working to a high standard with a focus on customer satisfaction.



Below you can see some of the qualifications you can find amongst our staff:

  • 3 year National Diploma in technology in forest management
  • LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection course
  • CS30 NPTC Chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting
  • CS31A/B NPTC Felling small trees
  • CS32A NPTC felling medium trees
  • CS33A NPTC Specialist large tree felling
  • CS34 NPTC Windblown trees
  • CS36 NPTC cross cut and stack produce
  • CS38 NPTC Arial rescue
  • CS39 NPTC chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • CS40 NPTC carry out pruning operations
  • CS41 NPTC carry out dismantling operations
  • CS47 NPTC level 2 award to operate a chainsaw from a mobile elevated platform
  • PA1/PA6A NPTC safe use of pesticides
  • UA1 IRL NPTC level 3 award in basic electrical knowledge
  • NPTC Wood chipper certificate
  • Certificate from a Coillte inventory course (map reading, forest
  • inventory, timber measurement, electronic callipers)
  • Certificate from a Coillte hardwood shaping
  • Manual Handling
  • Safepass
  • CSCS signing, lighting and guarding at roadworks
  • Occupational first aid at FETAC level 5
  • ISA member

We also enjoy competing in the national and UK tree climbing competitions, which keep our tree climbing skills sharp and up to date.

tree surgeon


We provide top quality tree services to the private, commercial and public sector which include

  • Private households
  • Property management companies
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Committees
  • Residents associations
  • Industrial parks
  • City parks
  • Landscape professionals
  • Utility companies (e.g ESB)
  • Ground work companies (e.g KN Group)
  • County and city councils
  • Embassies
  • Army barracks

Our clients like to use us because we are competitive, professional, kind and conscientious.


Here at treeworks.ie safety is always our first priority.
Some of the steps we take to fulfil our safety obligations are:

  • Method statements and site risk assessments
  • Always wearing the correct P.P.E. (personal protective equipment)
  • Routinely getting our tools and equipment inspected by outside sources, LOLAR
  • Traffic and pedestrian management
  • First aid training and supplies.
  • Emergency procedures
  • Tool box talks before starting jobs
  • Active communication

All our staff have the relevant qualifications to perform their required roles. This ensures that the tree work will be carried out at a safe and high standard.

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Tree Symbiosis

Working with trees keeps us close to nature on a daily bases. This always reinforces the importance of working in harmony with nature as much as possible. Listed below are some of the ways we do our best to work with the environment.

All our woodchip, timber and green waist gets recycled to biofuel or gets used on farms, stables, golf courses and gardens.
Where possible we use state of the art battery powered tools, this eliminates the burning of petrol and dramatically reduces the noise levels. This also has the benefit of allowing us to work in noise sensitive areas and times. e.g. schools/colleges, densely populated areas, night work.
We use biodegradable oil in all our chainsaws.
Respecting nesting season and keeping a keen eye for badger sets, bats and bees is always very important.
The use of climbing spikes are only used on trees that are being dismantled. Do not let anyone spike your trees unless they are taking the spiked stems out completely. Climbing spikes or spurs are sharp metal ankle wear that a tree climber can use to stab a foot hold into a tree. This opens the tree to infections and pathogens.